Our History

The Camden Red Sox Baseball Club was founded in 2013 by a couple of long time baseball fanatics who had been involved with the Macarthur Baseball League and other clubs.  These founding members saw the great potential of a club based in Camden catering to the existing population and a view to the future of the growing region.

The Clubs first season was meant to begin in earnest.  The plan, a couple of junior teams and a senior team.  Opening day of the 2014/15 season came and the Red Sox had over 10 teams competing in almost all of the age groups.  The Red Sox first season resulted in several premierships and ending the summer as the second biggest club in the league.

The Camden Red Sox is a club built on the back of a combination of hard working volunteers and members who are passionate about the sport of baseball.  The Clamden Red Sox are an equal opportunity club catering to people of all ages, genders and races.  We hold our members as our most precious assets and are always looking to develop them, not just as baseballers, but also as people, team mates, members of the greater community and as our family.

Welcome to the Camden Red Sox and the Red Sox Nation!

Our People

President - Greg Roper

Vice President - Brendon Goff

Secretary - Kaydee Willmott

Treasurer - Brooke Grech

Registrar - Karen Daley

Public Officer - Matthew Leonard

Senior Coordinator - Paul Kelly

Junior Coordinator - Darryl Jones 

Assistant Secretary - Kerry Roper

Assistant Treasurer - Kelly Hunt

Assistant Registrar - Dave Daley

Publicity Officer - Nikki Nutman

Member Protection Information Officer - Matt Redman

Child Protection Officer - Mick Bell

Health & Safety Officer 

Fundraising Coordinator - Alicia Bowen

Canteen Coordinator

Uniform Coordinator - Lisa Jones

Equipment Coordinator - Adam Haar

Coaching Coordinator - Darryl Jones

Scorers Coordinator - Naomi Bates

Umpires Coordinator - Mick Bell

Grounds Coordinator - Matthew Leonard


CLUB PATRON - Mr Chris Patterson MP, Member for Camden